Aquagarlic – SME Instrument

Aquacultured fish diseases are a clear indicator of the presence of pathogens (normally microbes and/or parasites). These pathogens can cause health problems to humans when eating the infected fish. Beside this, loss of yield in aquaculture production can rise up to 50% due to this situation.  The objective of this project, AQUAgarlic, is to finish the development phase for the launching of Domca’s new product in the aquaculture market, with the first dual action (antimicrobial and immunomodulator) feed additive for aquaculture industry based on organosulfur natural active ingredients, with zero residues, effective and environmentally friendly. This product would be a game changer, as most related products (synthetic medicines) are not environmentally friendly and are targeted to only one specific threat (microbe or parasite).

DOMCA will introduce a turnkey solution in the market that offers clear commercial and technical advantages when compared to the technology currently used in the different industrial sectors where it can be applied:

•    Natural food additive for aquaculture, the key active ingredients for this product are extracts from Alliaceae (revaluation of raw agricultural by-products).
•    Dose dependent dual action: broad spectrum antimicrobial action, since they attack a large number of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections (gram-positive as gram-negative) and destroy and inhibit parasitic growth.
•    Regulate immune system, by increasing or decreasing the ability to produce antibodies.
•    Zero residues, eliminating the environmental, animals and human health impact.
•    No fish withdrawal time.
•    It is a stable product with high thermal and pressure resistance.