Research, development and innovation applied to the search for specific solutions to problems that cover the entire food process (from its origin to the consumer’s table).

It is the heart of technology, information and communication.

DMC Research Center is firmly committed to a sustainable and responsible development model with its environment, turning its innovative spirit into an identity sign.

 This strong commitment to R + D, places the Andalusian group at the vanguard of agro-food sector research. Not in vain, with more than 40 years of experience, Domca have developed reference products for all agro-food sectors. The business group is characterized by working according to customer´s needs, offering tailor-made services that allow it to develop efficient and innovative solutions based on natural and environmentally friendly models.

DMC Research is a technology-based company that starts its activity in 2005, from the DOMCA R&D Department. Equipped with the finest technology, the main areas of knowledge are structured in the departments of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural Products, Food Technologies and R&D Project Management. Furthermore, the availability of a multidisciplinary staff made up of different branches such as food technology, nutrition, biotechnology, microbiology, organic chemistry, engineering or veterinary medicine, allows it to offer its clients the best technical advice.

DMC Research Center stands as one of the leading research groups in Andalucía, having the greatest research activity in biotechnological applications. The research lines are very diverse and range from the selection of microorganisms and plant extracts, with applications in human and animal nutrition, to the development of new food preservation technologies based on edible coatings, active packaging or nebulization. As a consequence, the group companies participate, along with other entities, in cutting-edge projects in collaboration with notorious research centers.

Currently, DMC Research Center works in the following research lines:

1.- Obtaining new natural-based compounds (from plants and microorganisms) with technological and functional properties.

2.- Development of new products against emerging pathogens.

3.-  Sanitization processes for the food industry.

4.- Natural systems in post-harvest treatments and biological control of pests.

5.- Product development for new packaging methods.

6.- Studies of stabilization and controlled release of active ingredients.

7.- Use of by-products from the agro-food industry.

8.- Development of functional ingredients for animal feed.

9.- New functional ingredients from plant extracts intended for human nutrition.

R & D alliances

DMC Research Center holds close collaboration with several renowned universities and technology entities such as Scientific Research Council (CSIC), the University of Granada, University of Jaén, University of Murcia, TECNOVA, AINIA, TECNALIA, AIMPLAS, CTAQUA, CTAEX, CIDAF, CTC, IRTA, and LEITAT, among others. In recent years, numerous collaboration agreements have been formalized with Departments and Research Institutes of the University of Granada such as Microbiology, Medicine, Pharmacology, Analytical Chemistry, Physiology, Parasitology or Chemical Engineering. This entails to the generation new knowledge through the development of patents, know-how transfer agreements and impactful scientific publications. Thanks to this faithful commitment to excellence and the transfer of knowledge to the business community, DOMCA has recently received the award granted by the UGR Social Council in its business category.