Tecnology and products for the food industry

MEAT BLENDS: We have the best mixtures of spices, ingredients and additives for the elaboration of all your meat products. We also have the best blends WITHOUT ALLERGENS.

MEAT PRESERVATIVES: Highly products valuable that increase food safety and shelf life.

NEBULIZATION: Food safety and added value to your products thanks to food grade technological aids.

INGREDIENTS AND TECHNOLOGICAL SUPPORT: We have all the ingredients that your products need in order to get added value.  

DOMCA puts at your disposal our team of commercial technicians for any type of question, query or new development implementation. Professionalism, trust and communication skills will make us able to solve any question you may have.

“If you walk alone you will go faster, if you walk accompanied you will go further.”

“Si caminas solo irás más rápido, si caminas acompañado llegarás más lejos”.