DMC Research develops Alquabiotic project  to develop aquaculture feed based on microalgae hydrolysates supplemented with probiotic microorganisms.

aquaculture feed

The project: Main objectives

The ALQUABIOTIC project aims to develop a new aquaculture feed in which part of the fishmeal includes a microalgae hydrolysate enriched in probiotic microorganisms.

Specifically, the project aims to develop high-quality food of sustainable origin, which ensures not only the growth of organisms, but also increases their health, resistance to stress and disease-causing agents within cropping systems.

ALQUABIOTIC  is interested in applying these products to develop a line of aquaculture feed products differentiated by making sustainable use of natural resources, in particular by the replacement of fishmeal by microalgae hydrolysates, and with the application of probiotics.

Therefore, this project will allow increasing fish production through quality aquaculture feed  and maximizing the growth and health status of fish, minimizing diseases and providing sustainable production of a quality farmed fish.

A consortium of Andalusian partners

AQUACULTURE is a consortium of Universities and industrial partners from Andalusia.

The industrial partners are led by GLOBAL FEED with headquarters in Huelva, DMC Research Center (Granada) and Biorizon Biotech (Almería), with the support of two public research organizations, Universidad de Almería and Universidad de Granada.

GLOBAL FEED, as a leading company in animal feed products, is interested in the development of new products for application in aquaculture, Biorizon Biotech pioneer in the application and development of enzymatic hydrolysates of microalgae, aims to diversify in applications of its products, such as aquaculture.

Finally, DMC Research with great experience in the development of probiotic products and microorganisms with application in human and animal food, has already developed additives for the aquaculture sector and has experience in other aquaculture projects, such as Aquahealth, developed in collaboration with the technological center CTAQUA in which DOMCA tested natural extracts to improve the health status and immune system of fish.


The project has a total budget of  € 1,067,387.00 and an execution period of 27 months, from October 2018 to December 2020.

The project has been selected to receive a grant from the Feder- Innterconecta 2018 Program, co-financed with Structural Funds of the European Union. Innterconecta aims to support experimental development initiatives in the modality of projects in cooperation between companies and research centers.

The FEDER INNTERCONECTA 2018 call is funded by the Industrial Technological Center for Development (CDTI), supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and co-financed with FEDER Funds (Structural Funds of the European Union).


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