We offer products based on all-natural garlic and onion extract naturally rich in organic sulphur compounds that boost livestock yields and are available for all species.

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It improves livestock farms yields
Made of flavouring premixes and complementary feeds rich in organosulfur compounds (OSCs) from garlic and onion, Garlicon improves livestock farms yields and is suitable for all species.

  • Poultry (broilers, laying hens, turkeys)
  • Ruminants (calves and lambs, dairy cattle)
  • Swine (piglets, fattening pigs, nursing mothers)
  • Others (rabbits, horses, pets)

For more information click here or contact DOMCA’s technical staff, who will advise you on which one best suits your needs.


All-natural insect repellent.
Garlic Salt is a standardized salt-carried and long-lasting product meant to drive away insects. Made from garlic and onion oil, Garlic salt presents high polysulfides concentration and can be offered to cattle ad libitum or integrated within mineral blocks.

Suitable for ruminants and equines, Garlic Salt provides an effective and easy- to-use solution that dramatically reduces presence of flies, horse flies and other parasitic arthropods in livestock farms.