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What is the melanosis process in shellfish?

Melanosis is a natural process that begins soon after the shellfish is caught. The shellfish's own enzymes are released after capture and react with other substances in the shellfish, which leads to an oxidation process.This reaction is very fast and causes the oxidised parts of the shellfish to darken. Due to the rapidity of this

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Edible glues for CHEESE and MEAT PRODUCTS

The use of edible glues in the food industry is becoming more and more widespread. There is a trend in the market where the decoration or addition of spices on the surface of cured sausages, meat preparations and cheeses are in increasing demand. In addition, there is a growing demand for glues that are

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What is the purpose of industrial spray cleaning?

The use of cold fogging systems is one of the most widely used tools in the food industry because it is one of the most effective solutions shown in studies in order to maintain good microbiological quality. Traditional methods, such as L+D (Cleaning and Disinfection of surfaces), have many shortcomings when

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DOMCA receives the “SME Award of the Year” 2021 in Granada

DOMCA has been recognized with the award given by the Chamber of Commerce of Motril, Chamber of Commerce of Granada and Banco Santander to the SME of the Year 2021. Domca was a candidate together with other thirty companies in the province of Granada. Finally, the jury chose our company to receive the award highlighting

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