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FITOPET: Functional additives for dogs against Leishmania

DOMCA is carrying out FITOPET innovative project to develop functional additives for dog and pets to fight against Leishmania and other diseases associated to pets. The increasing demand for functional food products with natural ingredients in the pet food market to improve pet health and welfare has made it necessary to further research the properties

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Culturedmeat: Research on cultured meat aimed at the prevention of colon cancer and dyslipidemia

The general objective of the CULTUREDMEAT project is to investigate cultured meat produced by cellular agriculture that together with the development of healthy fats and functional ingredients allow the obtaining of meat products that help to prevent dyslipidemia (reduce the "bad cholesterol" levels) and colon cancer. DMC Research Center is participating in the Spanish project

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 Naturpick project aims to develop fortified foods from by-products of the fruit and vegetable industry The research project titled “Nutritionally enriched foods using bioactive substances obtained from non-marketable products of the fruit and vegetable industry” proposes providing the fortified food (bars, gels and powders) and gummies sector with tools and ingredients in order to obtain

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Agro2circular: Circular Economy for the agrifood sector

DMC Research participates in AGRO2CIRCULAR Project: Territorial Circular systemic solution for the upcycling of residues from the agrifood sector in a circular economy approach. Agro2Circular (A2C) project is focused on the implementation of the first territorial systemic solution for the upcycling of most relevant residues in the agrifood sector (fruits& vegetables and plastic multilayers) into

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Cocobase: improvement of antimicrobial properties of coconut oil for application in high-value products

Cocobase: Improvement of the antimicrobial characteristics of the coconut oil by enzymatic processes for application in high-value products DMC Research Center is working in this project with the collaboration of Tecnova technological center. Coconut oil is obtained after pressing the coconut pulp, and contains about 60-65% oil in its composition. This oil contains approximately 92%

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ALQUABIOTIC: Aquaculture feed based on the use of microalgae hydrolysates supplemented with probiotic microorganisms

DMC Research develops Alquabiotic project  to develop aquaculture feed based on microalgae hydrolysates supplemented with probiotic microorganisms. The ALQUABIOTIC project aims to develop a new feed for aquaculture in which part of the fishmeal by a microalgae hydrolysate enriched in probiotic microorganisms. Specifically, the project aims to develop high-quality food of sustainable origin, which ensures

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