INNOSOL4MED: Innovative sustainable solutions for ready-to-eat traditional Mediterranean products and non-conventional healthy foods

Innosol4med is a European project within the PRIMA initiative that aims to develop innovative solutions focused to ready-to-eat products  to enhance the characteristics of traditional Mediterranean diet ready-to eat foods. Innosol4med Project The modern lifestyle is eliminating traditional and ethnic diversity in the consumer food choices and is having a major impact

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BIOVEXO: Innovative biopesticides against Xylella fastidiosa and its vector

DOMCA is participating in the European project BIOVEXO aimed at developing innovative biopesticides compatible with organic agriculture to combat both the pathogen and the vector that spreads the bacterium in an integrated pest management strategy. The problem of Xylella Xylella fastidiosa is a bacterium that can lead to the decimation of over 70%

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BIOPROMEDFOOD: Bioprotective cultures and bioactive extracts to improve the shelf-life of perishable Mediterranean food

Biopromedfood is a European project within the PRIMA initiative that aims to research on innovative bioprotective cultures (ferments) and bioactive extracts to improve food safety and extend the shelf life of perishable foods in the Mediterranean diet. Project objectives The proposal is focused on researching two innovative and sustainable concepts:

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BIO4ALIM Project: Bioproduct acquisition platform for a sustainable agri-food chain

BIO4ALIM: Objectives The project will be developed over a period of 3 years, starting in September 2022 and concluding its execution in June 2025. The main objective is the establishment of a biotechnological and digital platform for the generation of bioproducts from agrifood by-products and their application in the production of food, animal

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