We offer our customers safe and high quality products, so we are aware of the importance of following good practices throughout the manufacturing process, especially in the food industry.

In this line DOMCA has the following certifications:


We are certified FAMI-QS, as proof of our commitment to transparency and best practices in all our production processes.

FAMI-QS is a preeminent quality and safety management system in the feed ingredients and feed mixes industry. In addition, this system addresses the difficult issues of integrity (fraud), defense and regulatory compliance. The system is specifically designed to be internationally valid. Since its inception in 2004, is endorsed by more than 1,400 members worldwide.

This certification assures governments, supply chains and consumers that FAMI-QS certified organizations have the necessary competencies in food quality and safety.

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ISO 9001:2015

Our main objective is the ultimate customer satisfaction, so we focus on continuous improvement, production excellence and customer service optimization.

Considered as a worldwide reference, ISO 9001:2015 is the certifiable international standard that regulates Quality Management Systems. It certifies that the processes developed in the company are the most appropriate.

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DOMCA is committed to internationalization, seeking to establish long-term and quality business relationships with customers and suppliers. We work with certifiers that operate under ISO 17065 product quality standards and GSO 2055-2 Halal quality standards. Standardized by the GCC Accreditation Center and recognized in all Muslim countries.

With the Halal certification we ensure that our food products meet all the requirements of the Islamic Law in order to be consumed by the Muslim population.

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Creating a more ecological world and leading by example is also part of DOMCA’s philosophy. That is why we develop and market products certified by CAAE, the leading entity in the sector in terms of inputs and organic production with the largest presence in Europe. Accredited by ENAC under the ISO 17065 standard, it is the only entity in Spain authorized by the USDA in the USA (NOP), by the MAFF for Japan (JAS) and by the European Commission for countries outside the EU.

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