2nd General Innosol4med Assembly Meeting

This week, we had the pleasure of hosting the 2nd InnoSol4Med Assembly Meeting of this European project at our headquarters in DOMCA.

Representatives from various prestigious institutions attended, including the leader of the project, Prof. Vida Simat, from the Department of Marine Science from the University of Split, Prof. Fausto Gardini and Prof. Giulia Tabanelli from the Department of Agri-Food Science and Technology from University of Bologna, Dra. Daniela Bassi & Sara Morandi from the Department for Sustainable Food Process of the Universittà Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Prof. Victoria Moreno-Arribas , Ms. Carolina Cuevas and Mr. Mikel Roldán from the Spanish National Research Council, CSIC-CIAL.

Additionally, over 20 representatives from other companies and universities partners of the project such as the companies Greener, Centaurus, Martino Rossi and DOMCA or the research centers  Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah UniversityChouaib Doukkali University,  University of Cukurova, University of Split and Universittà di Bologna  joined the meeting online making a total of more than 30 participants.

The Innosol4med assembly meeting provided an excellent opportunity for each Work Package and task leader to explain to the participants the activies carried out during the first period, share their outcomes, plan future steps for the second year, as well as propose mitigation actions for any delays and issues encountered.

Following the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to tour our company, particularly the department of research and development, and our pilot plant and biotechnology plant and participate in a small workshop on cheese coating and product tasting using the natural extracts developed within the project.

Overall, it was a highly positive encounter, allowing us to engage in fruitful discussions about the project and advance to reach our objectives.

About InnoSol4Med

InnoSol4Med is a European project funded by the PRIMA initiative, aimed at enhancing the characteristics of fourth-range products in the Mediterranean diet through sustainable and innovative solutions.

The primary goal of the InnoSol4Med project is to develop innovative solutions for inclusion in Mediterranean diet products and fourth-range products. This involves incorporating functional ingredients through innovative matrices derived from essential oils, extracts, and active principles of natural origin obtained from agro-industrial by-products and native microbial strains. By formulating these new products, we seek synergy with innovative non-thermal technological solutions.

The project aims to improve the safety, nutritional value, and functionality of new food products. Additionally, it seeks to study consumer habits and preferences to offer healthy and sustainable alternatives through awareness campaigns. Ultimately, the project intends to support the adoption and exploitation of the innovative solutions developed

We look forward to continuing our collaboration and advancing our shared goals of innovation, sustainability, and improved food quality after 2nd Innosol4med assembly meeting.

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