DOMCA had the opportunity to present its R&D Projects to a group of members of the BIO-BOOST PROJECT, comprised of clusters from different European countries.


A group of representatives from various European innovation clusters, members of BIO-BOOST project, visited our facilities.

DOMCA is a Spanish company with more than 45 years of experience in the agri-food sector. The visit took place during the sessions organized by the project this week in Granada.

During the technology transfer day, organized by the Andalusian innovation cluster onTech Innovation, DOMCA hosted representatives from various European clusters in the biotechnology and agri-food sector. The objective was to showcase their innovation projects and explore potential synergies among the different groups.

In addition to the products and services offered by the business group, the company presented the European R&D projects that DOMCA and DMC Research Center are carrying out:

  • BIOVEXO: The main objective of this project is the research and production of innovative biopesticides against Xylella fastidiosa in olive and almond crops.
  • AGRO2CIRCULAR: Focused on the valorization of waste from the plastic and agri-food industries.
  • BIOPROMEDFOOD: A PRIMA project, specific for Mediterranean countries, in which DOMCA has isolated strains of artisanal fermented foods with the ability to extend the shelf life of Mediterranean foods and protect against pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes.

Furthermore, the company had the opportunity to present the recently started PRIMA Inno4Solmed project, in which the company will explore the isolation of strains in pickled products to enhance the safety and shelf life of different Mediterranean foods. DOMCA will also research on new natural extracts with antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antitumor properties.

Lastly, DOMCA also presented innovative national projects, such as FITOPET, funded by CDTI, in which we are developing innovative products for pet nutrition, as well as projects from the CDTI MISIONES call: CULTUREDMEAT and BIO4ALIM.

The group was led by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark (, and also included representatives from companies, such as CLIC Innovation (Finland), Cluster Murska Sobota (ITC) in Slovenia, the Lithuanian Innovation Center (LIC), the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) in Poland, and the Polish Cluster UNIMOS.

A cluster is a group of companies of similar areas sharing local resources, using similar technologies, and forming linkages and alliances.

Recently, DOMCA joined onTech Innovation Cluster, the largest technological and biotechnological cluster in Andalusia, based in Granada.

After the presentation of the innovation projects and the company’s products and services, the group had the opportunity to visit R&D facilities of the company and even participate in a small cheese painting workshop.