The 1st Meeting of the Plant Biotic Interactions Group of the Spanish Society of Plant Biology was held in Granada from May 21 to 24.

We are pleased to share our recent participation in the 1st Meeting of the Plant Biotic Interactions Group of the Spanish Society of Plant Biology (SEBP), held from May 21 to 24 at the Zaidín Experimental Station-CSIC, a renowned research facility in plant biology.

Ana Falcón Piñeiro, researcher from the agriculture department of DMC Research presented her lecture titled: Evaluation of the biostimulant and antifungal capacity of a standardized onion extract in organosulfur compounds in olive cultivation, within the block entitled “Applications of plant-organism biotic interactions in the agrobiotechnology industry,” moderated by Alexia Stellfeldt from Ideagro and Gonzaga Ruiz de Gauna from the Biovegen platform.

The meeting provided an ideal forum for the presentation of results and the exchange of ideas on the metabolic, physiological, and molecular responses of plants during their interaction with other organisms. Additionally, it fostered a collaborative and discussion-friendly environment, promoting the participation of young researchers and strengthening the ties between academia and the agrobiotechnology industry.

Collaborative projects

The works presented during the session were part of the Salud Olivar project, in which DOMCA evaluated the antifungal and biostimulant capacity of this extract in field trials affected by Verticillium, in collaboration with DCOOP.

Furthermore, within the framework of the European project BIOVEXO, in which DOMCA is developing new biopesticides against Xylella fastidiosa, one of the most concerning emerging pests for European agriculture, studies are being conducted on the biostimulant capacity of this onion extract in olive samplings under controlled climate chamber conditions.

These analyses are being developed in collaboration with the Department of Plant Physiology at the University of Granada.