DOMCA offers a wide range of products to improve quality, appearance and preservation of fishery products, overcoming common problems such as melanosis, browning, oxidation or shelf-life shortening of all kind of fish, mollusks and crustaceans.

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Melanosis (seafood browning) is the oxidation that vast majority crustaceans such as shrimps, crayfish or prawns suffer from the moment it is caught and throughout its entirely commercial life. The substance that causes the darkening of the head of crustaceans is called melanin. This darkening begins in the head and spreads to the rest of the crustacean’s body. Melanosis is a severe and feared drawback faced by most seafood companies. Avoiding melanosis is essential to prevent batch rejection and to ensure impeccable product appearance.
If the seafood is not treated with an antimelanosis product, such as Fisadex, it will soon oxidize and melanosis will suddenly appear, darkening the head and body of shrimp, prawns or crayfish.

Fisadex is a powerful and effective anti-melanosis product. Its particle size is perfect for an effective and homogeneous application.
Due to its synergistically-acting antioxidants, we can reduce the required amount of sulfite, which leads to less sulfite presence in the final product.
By reducing the amount of sulfite, allergic reactions are minimized and workers applying the product suffer less skin and hand irritation.
We supply several packaging formats, meant for optimal application.
DOMCA’s sales department provides the customer with the necessary information for the optimal use of this product. Knowing the most appropriate dosage for each case is highly relevant for the treatment to be effective and safe.


Blancx DMC is an efficient cephalopods whitener.
It is a mixture of additives for fish, mollusks and crustaceans whitening. Sometimes cephalopods such as squid or cuttlefish present darkened look due to the spillage of their own ink or of melanin appearance processes. This darkening causes appearance deterioration and consumer rejection.


Texturan B DMC is a blend of additives and ingredients to enhance fishery products texture (particularly cephalopods). Texturan B DMC is highly recommended to improve squid and cuttlefish texture. The product is capable of maintains integrity and muscular cohesion by increasing tissular water retention. This leads to an improvement of the organoleptic characteristics and to a smoother and more pleasant fish texture.


ESTABIRED DMC is a blend of additives meant to stabilize colour appearance in fish and several fishery products. Estabired DMC is intended red-orange fish, mollusks, crustaceans, unprocessed fish and several fishery products (including salmon roe).