The main objective of FITOPET project is to develop functional additives for dogs to fight against leishmaniasis and other diseases associated to dogs and other pets.

leishmaniasis in dogs

The problem of leishmaniasis in dogs

The increasing demand for functional pet food products with natural ingredients that can improve the health of pets has made it necessary to further research the properties of the various active substances present in plant extracts.

Furthermore, the increase in pet ownership has increased the risk of zoonotic diseases, like leishmaniasis. Therefore, it is of vital importance to maintain the good health of companion animals, not only due to responsible pet ownership but also for public health reasons.

Additionally, climate change has favoured the movement of disease-carrying vectors to new areas, such as leishmaniosis, whose primary reservoir is the dog, in regions where it previously had little impact.

As a consequence, many products are appearing on the market that claim to improve animal health or fight against leishmaniasis without any scientific support. These products often extrapolate their functional properties directly from those obtained in humans, even though the physiology of dogs is quite different.

Main objectives of FITOPET project

FITOPET aims to develop a range of formulated products based on phytogenic additives whose functional properties contribute to improving the well-being of pets, especially against diseases associated to dogs like leishmaniasis.

This is achieved through their demonstrated anti-parasitic, immunomodulatory, and intestinal balance-enhancing activities, as evidenced in in vitro and in vivo trials conducted by researchers at DMC Research Center SLU. and renowned public research institutions such as the “Instituto de Biomedicina y Parasitología López Neyra” of CSIC and the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Granada.

The project will expand the knowledge of the benefits of phytogenic additives based on natural extracts for dogs and to expand the company’s product range in the animal nutrition sector.

Funding of the project

The project started in July 2021 and will be developed for approx. 3 years . The total budget is 265.951,00€.  It is cofinanced by the Spanish Industrial Centre for Technical Development (CDTI) with  226.058,35 €  of a partially refundable grant co-funded by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (RTRP), also known as the Next Generation Funds,


Project funded by the the Spanish centre for the development of industrial technology: CDTI

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The Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (RTRP)
Next Generation Funds