Agriculture and food Industry arrangements


DOMCA is aimed to research, develop, apply and market additives and ingredients for agriculture and food industry.

Based on our extensive experience in functional coatings and dairy and meat products preservation, we have widened our research to develop tailor-made solutions for any food sector.

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FITOPET: Functional additives for dogs against Leishmania

DOMCA is carrying out FITOPET innovative project to develop functional additives for dog and pets to fight against Leishmania and other diseases associated to pets. The increasing demand for functional food products with natural ingredients


Food poisoning are those diseases that are caused by the ingestion of food with the presence of pathogenic germs or their toxins. Food poisoning is caused by the ingestion of different bacteria and/or their

  • Entrada de blog explicando que esproceso de la melanosis en el marisco

What is the melanosis process in shellfish?

Melanosis is a natural process that begins soon after the shellfish is caught. The shellfish's own enzymes are released after capture and react with other substances in the shellfish, which leads to an oxidation process.This

DOMCA is internationally present to bring our natural approach for agriculture and food industry.


Having more than forty years of experience, DOMCA has robust expertise in preservation techniques and food technology, being able to develop solutions for any sector. Our broad product portfolio covers from cheese coatings and food additives to functional ingredients for human and animal nutrition.

DOMCA Argentina

In keeping with the philosophy of the parent company, DOMCA Argentina assists its customers in a targeted way, providing formulas based on natural, safe and effective ingredients for the dairy industry, meat industry, agriculture and livestock.

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Culturedmeat: Research on cultured meat aimed at the prevention of colon cancer and dyslipidemia

May 10th, 2022|Sin categoría|

The general objective of the CULTUREDMEAT project is to investigate cultured meat produced by cellular agriculture that together