Domca offers ingredients and blends of additives for fresh fruits and vegetables and washed and packaged ready-to-eat mixes of fruits and vegetables.
IV range sector is a well-positioned sector much appreciated among customers having experienced significant growth. The possibility of taking fresh fruit and vegetables quickly and comfortably in ready-to-eat packaging makes this option very attractive for customers. The stated above makes this sector outstanding from a commercial point of view.
However, the fragile and gentle nature of fruits and vegetables makes it a challenge to maintain a good commercial appearance and shelf life from the processing steps until it reaches final costumer.
DOMCA offers preservation solution for cut fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable combinations and ready meals. Our products are meant to delay and prevent oxidation, improve freshness and appearance, maintain organoleptic properties and extend shelf life.



Blend of additives mixture for fruits and vegetable mixes.
Pomfresh DMC consists of an optimal mixture of organic acids with antioxidant action for use in fruit and vegetables mixes. The synergistic action of ascorbic acid, citric acid and malic acid provides remarkable antioxidant effect.
Commercial format: 5 kg bags in 20 kg boxes.


Mixture of vitamin E and organic acids with antioxidant properties. Delays enzymatic browning in all kinds of fruit and vegetable mixes and/or ready-to-eat meals fruit and vegetable-based. This product is intended for tropical fruits (avocado, papaya, persimmon).

L Fresh is a product capable of maintaining the organoleptic properties, colour, turgidity and extend shelf life. L Fresh is highly effective in fruits such as avocado, mango, papaya, pineapple, grape, melon, persimmon, and any stone fruits. It is also efficient in vegetables such as pepper, courgette, pumpkin, carrot, etc
L Fresh is also very effective in preventing oxidation in fruit-based dishes such as fruit mixes, vegetable salads and sushi dishes.
Commercial format: 3 kg carafe and 20 kg carafe.


Domox Base is a blend of antioxidant additives and sulphite for vegetable products and peeled potato application. DOMOX is a product with an amazin antioxidant activity that stops enzymatic browning and oxidation processes. It contains sulphites. This product is meant for peeled potato application.
Commercial format: 5 kg bags in 20 kg boxes.


Fruit Coat is a blend of organic acids for unprocessed fruits and vegetables application. The synergistic effect of its ingredients reduces oxidation, stops enzymatic browning and maintains texture. Fruit Coat is highly effective on fruit such as apple, pear, pineapple, grape, melon, pepper, pumpkin, courgette, carrot, stone fruit, etc.

Commercial format: 25 kg bag