DMC develops OLIVALPORC project in collaboration with  DCOOP, the largest producer of olive oil worldwide, whose main objective is to develop innovative swine feeding.

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Main objectives

The main goal of OLIVALPORC is the development of new pig and swine feeding  solutions that serve as the primary raw material from olive byproducts (olive pulp from dried fatty residue) and natural substances like allium extracts.

The project represents a milestone in the development of highly improved swine feeding that will provide significant nutritional and health benefits derived from the fatty acids and antioxidants found in olive pulp from dried fatty residue (included in the 2015 FEDNA tables).

Additionally, incorporating allium extracts as a functional additive in the feed contributes to an improvement in the animals’ health and productivity status.

During the project’s execution, specific aspects related to the bioavailability of compounds in olive pulp and allium extracts have been investigated. Furthermore, the project has examined the determination of the effect of olive pulp compounds and allium extracts on the animals’ immune system.

The project not only addresses animal nutrition aspects but also seeks effective alternatives to veterinary treatments for the sake of animal health and the reduction of medication consumption on livestock farms, conducting in vivo evaluations.


OLIVALPORC is a consortium project between two Andalusian entities:DCOOP (Antequera, Málaga), the world’s largest olive oil producer, which accounts for 24% of pig farms in Andalusia, and DMC Research Center, a technology-based entity whose primary goal is the search for new antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds.

The project on the search for new ingredients for pig nutrition is complemented by two subcontracted entities: AINIA (Valencia) the national reference technological center in the agri-food field, and the Animal Nutrition Department of the Universidad de Murcia.


OLIVALPORC has a total budget of €829,604.00 and a partially reimbursable loan assistance of €705,162.00 with an execution period from 2017 to 2019.

The project is funded by CDTI through the European FEDER program (European Regional Development Fund).

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