Research, Development and Innovation

DOMCA is firmly committed to a sustainable and environmentally responsible business model. Our innovative spirit is our sign of identity.

A clear commitment to Research, Development and Innovation has positioned our group at the head of investigation in the agri-food sector. Our business group, with more than 40 years of experience, has developed reference products for the agri-food sector. Our motto is working in accordance with our client’s needs and offering a personalized service to develop efficient and innovative solutions using naturals and environmentally friendly models.

DMC Research is a technology-based company that started operating in 2005 from the RD department of DOMCA. With the support of the latest technologies, our services are represented in different departments: Microbiology and Biotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural Products, Food Technology and RD Project Management. Besides, our highly-qualified and multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in food technology, nutrition, biotechnology, microbiology, organic chemistry, engineering and veterinary, provide our clients the best technical advice.

Our research areas are diverse, including the selection of microorganisms and plant extracts for human and animal food application and the development of new technologies to preserve food based on edible coats, active packaging or nebulization. As a result, the companies integrating the holding participate in cutting-edge projects in cooperation with prestigious research centers.

Currently, DOMCA and DMC Research Center are working in the following research areas:

  1. Obtaining of new compounds of natural origin with technological and functional properties from plants and microorganisms.
  2. Development of new products against emerging pathogens.
  3. Environmental sanitation processes for the food industry.
  4. Natural systems for post-harvest treatments and biological pest control.
  5. Product development for new packaging methods.
  6. Studies of stabilization and gradual liberalization of active substances.
  7. Use of byproducts of the agri-food industry.
  8. Development of functional ingredients for animal feeding.
  9. New functional ingredients obtained from plant extracts for human feeding.

R&D&i Projects:

Our company  participates in cutting-edge projects in cooperation with other companies and prestigious research centers in national and international R&D projects in cooperation with different Universities and prestigious technological centers, such as the Spanish National Research Center (CSIC), the University of Granada, the University of Jaen, the University of Murcia, TECNOVA, AINIA, TECNALIA, AIMPLAS, CTAQUA, CTAEX, CIDAF, CTC, IRTA, and LEITAT, among others.  Recently, numerous agreements have been established with Departments and Research Institutes as diverse as Microbiology, Medicine, Pharmacology, Analytical Chemistry, Physiology, Parasitology or Chemical Engineering, among others. This cooperation resulted in a new understanding through the development of patents, know-how transfer agreements and prominent scientific publications.

We are also participating in several European projects from H2020 and Horizon Europe, such as BIOPROMEDFOOD from PRIMA call, BIOVEXO from BIO-BASED INDUSTRIES call or the recently started AGRO2CIRCULAR from GREEN DEAL call. In addition, we obtained a SME Instrument in the last call of H2020 to develop an innovative product for fish nutrition.

Jose Manuel García-Madero
R & D Project Manager
Phone +34 958 576 486
Linkedin: José Manuel García Madero