Agro-Cu Terra is a liquid fertilizer (EC fertilizer) based on micronutrients (Copper and Zinc) and other organic excipients of plant origin with low molecular weight and excellent quality as they are derived from the food industry.
Agro-Cu Terra applied in specific moments of the plant development, stimulates the vigor and the activity of the secondary metabolism as response to stress or damages of diverse origin.
For foliar and root application. Totally assimilable and with an excellent systemia what is translated into a uniform distribution of the microelements, especially of the copper, conferring reinforcing properties. Induces the formation of resistance structures such as callose or lignin papillae, which reinforce the cell walls and heal possible wounds.
Advantages summary:
– Greater health and vigor in plants.
– Reduction of damage from bacterial and fungal attacks in quantity and intensity.
– Reduction of cupric treatments by up to 90%.
– Totally natural. Certified product for Organic Agriculture.
– Effective against mold, drying effect.
– Persistent product. it is not eliminated with the rain because it is systemic.
– It enhances the fungicidal action of phytosanitary treatments.

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