Post-harvest coating, developed after three years of collaboration with the Instituto del Frio (CSIC).
It is an edible and residue-free food coating, made up of vegetable fatty acids that extend the commercial life of fruit and vegetables.
Product formulated to protect against damage and pathogens that may occur during transport and handling.
Foodcoat also reduces the ethylene emission rate of climacteric fruits, maintaining a constant respiratory intensity during the ripening process.
Using Foodcoat has the following advantages:
– Reduces of weight loss of the fruit
– It contributes to delaying aging by reducing the respiratory rate and the production of ethylene.
– Helps to maintain the natural appearance of the fruit for longer.
– Helps to preserve the turgidity and firmness of the fruit.
– It has a fungistatic effect.
– Helps to reduce mechanical damage from handling and transport.
Of special interest in pears and apples.
It is also applied with excellent results in tubers (potato, sweet potato, radish, turnip) and tropical (mango, avocado, banana, papaya).

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