FUN PLUS is a fertilizer based on the micronutrients copper, iron and zinc, together with other food grade ingredients (polysaccharides and low molecular weight fatty acids of plant origin), designed to improve the health and quality of crops.
In addition to mitigating some side effects that cause various agricultural diseases (fumagins, molasses, wounds…), it can protect plants from physiological alterations and other adverse factors derived from abiotic stress.
Mixed with certain phytosanitary products, mainly fungicides, it has a treatment enhancing effect due to its coadjutant capacity (consult the technical department before).
In addition, applied alone or in combination, it has a healing, drying and washing effect on fungal, aphid residues, etc.
FUN-PLUS is a Zero Waste and biodegradable formula.
FUN-PLUS is respectful of the auxiliary fauna and compatible in its use with the methods of integrated fighting.




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