Agriculture and food industry arrangements

DOMCA offers a wide range of products for agriculture and food industry in relevant such as human and animal nutrition, dairy, meat, fisheries and agriculture.

Products for agriculture

DOMCA product´s cover all needs in agriculture. We offer a wide range of solutions for crop care, proper plant nutrition and protection against adverse weather conditions that may affect crops. We also supply solution for and proper post-harvest processing and storage.

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conservante para productos de tipo cárnico

Meat products

DOMCA has the ability to manufacture all kind of products for meat industry. Spice mixes, edible glues, mould-preventing solutions and meat blends that improve product quality and increase food safety of any kind of meat product.

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recubierto para quesos

Dairy Products

DOMCA provides coatings and sanitizing solutions for preserving dairy products. Our coatings shield cheese from the production process to the end consumer, resulting in enhanced uniformity, texture, and appearance.

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Fishery sector

DOMCA offers a wide range of products to improve quality appearance and preservation of fishery products, overcoming common problems such as melanosis, browning, oxidation or shelf-life shortening of all kind of fish, mollusks and crustaceans.

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DOMCA offers products from natural sources derived from alliaceae extracts (garlic and onion) rich in organic sulfur compounds that improve the performance of livestock farms and suit perfectly for all livestock species.

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IV range

DOMCA offers ingredients and blends of additives for fresh fruits and vegetables and washed and packaged ready-to-eat mixes of fruits and vegetables. Our products are meant to delay and prevent oxidation, improve freshness and appearance, maintain organoleptic properties and extend shelf life.

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Shelf life

DOMCA brings together more than 40 years of experience and expertise in food industry plus the know-how of our food scientist and researchers to provide our customers with the best solutions that nature can provide. DOMCA is a leading company in preservation technologies based on natural ingredients that increase food safety, prevent microbiological growth and extend shelf life.

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